Shaoyun´s Gold Series

Gold Series

Experience Shaoyun's new skin care line addeers to the natural needs of your skin without burdening it with any chemical toxins. Shaoyun Gold Series uses natural raw materials and high quality substances, all of which are formulated freshly to ensure maximum lasting efect.


Most commonly beauty products are made using artificial materials and chemical substance which are unnecassry and provide no worth in the maintenace and development of your skin. With the constant consumption of these substances the skin begins to struggle and looses it natural balance, thus leading to rapid aging and suseptibitly to spots, alegies and offer skin defects. With the use of chemical binders, mineral oils, and artifical perfumes to preserve such products, consider using these products for months, or even years and reflet on the burdan your skin is under.

The amenities of the Gold series identify the true needs of your skin.


To maintain your skins true natural complexion, it should only be in contact with natural ingredients closest to its natural state. The Shaoyun Gold Series consists solely of natural active substances such as amino acids derived from the enzymes of the aloe vera which help protect and maintain the skin. Agents such as Hyaluronic Acid, Q10 and Collagen are easily absorbed by the skin and are used to help promote regeneration, boosting the natural function of the skin All natural and raw materials used in this series are processed by ourselves with the use of the most up to date technology. A variety of our raw materials are organically sourced and obtained from reputable merchants who provide only the highest quality plants and herbs.


Why should you give your skin Shaoyun's cosmetics?


Of course there are many pharmacies and stores to buy cheap and inexpensive products. These are mass- produced and are at times left on shelves for months at at time and contain only the smallest amounts of homeopathic doses.


Shaoyun's Care products are made on demand in our own laboratory in Speyer and produced only when required. This eliminates the need for artificial preservatives and unnecessary additives. Each product is made in fine workmanship, giving you a fresh product which holds until consumed. The shelf life may be short, but the product provides longer lasting effects. Once you feel the result of these creams, no other product will do. By eliminating large and costly advertising campaigns we rely solely on the words of our satisfied customers. We are therefore able offer all our customer high quality products at a reasonable and fair price.

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Herbal Toner

Price €34.99

For all skin types, especially for oily, irritated and blemished skin ✔ Lavender, witch hazel, rose and orange blossom water from certified organic farms with honeysuckle and yam root extracts and aloe vera gel ✔ Stabilises the skin's protective acid mantle and provides instant refreshment ✔ Repairs and regenerates with no additives that might...

Shaoyun's Hand and Foot Cream

Price €22.00

Rich, nourishing care for dry to extremely dry and demanding hands and feet ✔ Contains shea butter, mint, hemp, grape seed, avocado, lavender and olive oils, green tea extract, rose and neroli hydrosols from certified organic farms ✔ With calendula extract, aloe vera and algal gel ✔ Dry skin immediately feels smooth and supple ✔ Refreshes and supports the...

Herbal shampoo

Price €39.99

Care shampoo with natural ingredients for daily use and protection of hair and sensitive scalp, expecially for dry, ichy and scaly scalp and loss of hair ✔ Walnut-, lavender-, romarin- and olive oil as well as aloe vera gel and pansy herb extract from certified organic farms ✔ Strongly moisturizing and filmbuilding properties stop skin dryness ✔ Provides...